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Producer's Profile

Who Cares About DC?

Project begun: 2014

Producer: Stephen Kolb,

one of 660,000 colonists 

BA, Political Science, UCLA, 1969

MPA, Health Administration, USC, 1973


Areas of expertise: 
Political and civic action, visual and performing arts.

Award-winning producer, "Eyes Wide Open, a visual tone poem," 2005

​Certified Apple Trainer

What we're about

"Who Cares About DC" is a question that should resonate both inside and outside the District.

Each of the fifty states has two US Senators and as many members of Congress as they are entitled to based on the census.

But the 660,000 residents of DC do not have any representatives in Congress or the Senate to whom they can appeal or comment about pending legislation that will affect the country OR the District.

There have been many attempts to effect "voting rights" in Washington, DC.  And there continue to be organizing efforts by DC residents attempting to find a route to statehood, territorial status, voting representation in Congress or other solution to the disenfranchisement we suffer in "the greatest democracy in the world."

Who Cares About DC is a documentary film that examines the "who," "what," "how" and "why" of our "circumstance," and the alternatives that can bring true democracy to DC. Why it's important to those who do not live in DC is more than simply fairness or equality, but about the reality of our nation's democracy, how it is exercised or left to others.

​DC's local governmental system is unique in the US; the Advisory Neighborhood Commission structure gives citizens power to effect change at the block and neighborhood level. But outside the District, action and attention from Congress can effectively negate the efforts of DC citizens to govern themselves.  And, some members of Congress have not been shy about expressing their desire to continue to control the budget and laws in DC in ways they could not do in their own districts!

We moved to DC in the Fall of 2007.  We had visited DC with our daughters as youngsters and with Patti's Sacramento school children. When our daughters, Dena and Leah, came here for college, our visits were more  frequent and we did more to discover the magic of the Capitol City.

Each time we visited from California, we marveled at the diversity, energy, architecture and history and decided – apparently counter-intuitively – to retire to DC.

We've come to love DC, with two exceptions: (1) motorists who drive aggressively and do not use their turn indicators and (2) the absence of any meaningful connection with Congress, save the fact that we live in the same neighborhood – Capitol Hill.

The license plate slogan, "Taxation Without Representation,"  finally made sense to us when we discovered what it signifies: we have neither US Senators nor Congresspersons to represent our interests.

Washington, DC - the US Capital City

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A film about democracy in the nation's Capitol